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Pilates is an intelligent movement system that focuses on correcting posture and rebalancing muscles to build a strong healthy body.


Initially, Pilates centres on strengthening ‘core’ muscles, building pelvic and spinal stability and working with correct limb/postural alignment. If postural issues and spinal instability are not addressed they can, over time, lead to lower back pain. This can be compounded if weight bearing exercise is added to existing incorrect postural alignment.


In order to achieve the focus required to execute correct technique, Pilates’ movements are very often slow and controlled. At the beginning of the Pilates course it will be necessary to feel as if you ‘not working’ in order to recruit the correct muscles – although you will probably feel it the next day! This ‘stripping back’ to basics is necessary in order to build strength and technique in order to perform the increasingly difficult Pilates repertoire.


Pilates classes –

Monday 10.45am – Weston All Saints Centre

Tuesday 8.15pm – Weston All Saints Centre


Thursday 10am and Friday 12.30pm on Zoom


Pilates private equipment sessions available in home studio at the top of Bloomfield Road Bath – £48 an hour £26 shared private


If you are interested in either Pilates classes or one to one tuition please call 07702 474064 or email me through the contact page.


Lizzie Smith trained originally in classical ballet, where Pilates has been used for many years not only as a rehabilitative tool for injured dancers but as an additional training program to help develop classical technique. She first began studying Pilates whilst working as a professional dancer and believes this is the reason the latter part of her career was injury free. Lizzie trained as a Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation at the Scot Studio in both Matwork and Equipment and now teaches dance and Pilates to students and adults.