Q. I’m new to dance what should I wear/bring?
A. General fitness wear is fine and regular trainers or dance sneaker’s if prefered. For ballet, split sole canvas flatties or socks with non-slip soles. For the Pilates classes we recommend general fitness wear and socks with non slip soles if possible. We also recommended you bring a bottle of water. You can find a wide range of dancewear at www.dancewear.co.uk.


Q. Do I have to pay for a block of classes or can I pay as I go?
A.  Most classes are booked as a course except the Ragtang which is a ‘drop in’ class. This excludes the Jazzex course, however, if you are a new participant you can pay for the first class before you decide if you want to commit to the whole course. Also the Intermediate Ballet class can be paid for by the class but there is discount if you pay for the 6 week course.


Q. What is the age range of  the participants of your classes?
A. It is a mix of adults ranging from 18 – 50+. We welcome all adults of any age and ability.


Q. How do I sign up for a course/class?
A. Signing up is easy. Simply call 07702 474064 or email lizzie@danceclassesinbath.co.uk to reserve a place.


Q.  What should I expect when I arrive for a lesson?
A. Each class begins with a warm up. Then participants learn a routine which is repeated and added to throughout the course. In the Ballet classes the same exercises are performed throughout the course.


Q. What happens if I miss a lesson in the course?
A. It is fine to miss lessons during the course, however, if you have missed three to four weeks in a row it may be more difficult to the learn the steps. You can make up missed classes with another class – please ask Lizzie for more information.


Q. Do you do a student discount?
A. We welcome students and they can pay per class at the discounted rate. This excludes the Pilates classes.


Q. Do you do any shows with your participants?
A. At the end of every academic year we have a big party which all members and their family and friends are invited to. Those participants who choose to perform at the event demonstrate some of the routines they have been working on in class. It is also an opportunity to get  together, socialise, have a drink and share food. The event is great fun and much-loved by the students!