Open to all!


The participants of all the classes are a mix of men and women of all ages and experience. Ages range from 18 through to over 60 and the younger ones are not always the most fit! We run a variety of dance and Pilates classes for adults in Bath. There are classes for participants of all levels and experience. Some of the class members have never taken any dance classes before and a few have worked as dancers and dance teachers at some time in the past. So what ever your level of experience the most important thing is that you ‘love to dance’!


It is important to realise, particularly for those with only a little experience, that it will take a couple of classes to get used to a new way of moving / new style of dance so don’t feel ‘totally uncoordinated’ after your first class, give yourself a bit of time. Being a good dancer begins with your state of mind, believing you can do it is more important than all the flexibility and natural facility in the world. However, the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience!



Charleston, Swing, Ragtime & Tango Easy Follow, Upbeat, fun vintage dance workout


This class is based around a musical, show or film theme – eg Chicago/Saturday Night Fever/Fame/Flashdance/Grease/Dirty Dancing etc. The course runs for 6 weeks and each new course includes a new routine. Gym wear and trainers are suitable or dance sneakers if preferred.


We run traditional, free (non-syllabus) ballet classes, although some exercises and port de bras are influenced by the Cecchetti method.


Pilates is an intelligent movement system that focuses on correcting posture and rebalancing muscles to build a strong healthy body.


If you would like more information about the classes, would like to book, or find out times and dates, please contact me.